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This is a millennium massage, highly energetic based on the Traditional Chinese Medecine’s precepts (Yinyang theory, the five elements that I will be developing in another chapter). It is one of the therapeutic tools in Chinese Medecine, along with acupuncture, pharmacopoeia, diet therapy, moxibustion, and suction cups.

Tuina massage aspects

TUI (to push) and NA (to grab) are the two main techniques to be used but, they are part of a various and rich set of movements, which makes it an exceptional treatment. The massage and the hand’s mobilization make the Qi (vital energy having different components) and the blood circulate freely without any obstacles. The massage is given on the meridians (energetic circuits on the surface of the skin), who are related to all the organs.

The mobilizations release the meridians from any blockage, activate blood and energy circulation, and soften the joints and muscles. It is a dynamic massage. We alternate between tonifying and dispersant maneuvers.

It is a dynamic massage. We alternate between tonifying and dispersant maneuvers. Technically, there are different types of pressure, using the thumbs, palm of the hands, forearms, elbows… mobilizations, stretchings, frictions…

During the massage, we also stimulate acupuncture points, which will increase the benefits. The massage can be given on the whole body (as a wellness relaxation treatment) or on a chosen area where all the tensions are located (frozen shoulders,  low back pain, elbow tendonitis…)

And more…

I can also use other tools like Guasha, moxibustion and the suction cups, in order to reinforce the treatment’s effects.

We obviously always talk before the treatment, in order for me to make a diagnosis, locate the pain, tensions areas, and know about your lifestyle to adjust the treatment as best as possible. The TUINA massage follows the prevention’s tradition, to « maintain your healthiness ».

TUINA Massage benefits

  • Regulates the body’s energies
  • Regulates the organ’s physiology
  • Lubricates the joints
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Improves the sleep’s quality
  • Harmonizes body and mind
  • Reduces the tensions, takes away the pain


  • Severe, infectious, and febrile diseases
  • On a fracture’s site
  • Severe diseases in internal medecine (cardiac, pulmonary…)
  • Abdomen and sacred sacrum area on pregnant women
  • If you have tumors

There is also a specific TUINA for children and babies adapted to certain issues like sleeping problems and hyperactivity disorder.