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Monday to Sunday 8am-10pm. At your home 7/7

This massage impacts the deep muscle layers, fasciae, joints and tendons. This technique shares the same basis as the Swedish massage, with a more intense pressure mostly localized on the muscle’s tensions areas and muscle knots called « trigger points ». Those trigger points are painful during the palpation and pressure, and can also lead to specific radiating pain and muscle tensions.

Deep Tissue Massage specifics

  • Slow and deep movements bring immediate relaxation to the muscles, reduce the adhesions and improve physiologic fonctions of tissue’s oxygenation and nourishment.
  • You get back joints mobility and range of motion.
  • Immediate decrease of pain and tensions
  • I use essential oils suitable for this massage, such as wintergreen, arnica, helichrysum, rosemary…
  • If tensions are deep and old, I can also use static or sliding suction cups.

Deep-Tissue is perfect for…

  • If you practice sports on a regular basis (yoga, running, tennis, golf, dance, windsurf…)
  • If you are an athlete doing intense training and competitions
  • If you have an intense work-life with many constraints and if you over stimulate your muscles
  • If you work in front of a computer with a bad sitting posture
  • If you had repetitive injuries and chronic pain.

To summarize the Deep-Tissue massage benefits

  • At the end of every session, I give you advice based on your lifestyle in order to reduce the pain and improve your daily life.